The Cross Culture of Chess

Welcome to EXPOCHESS, the premier platform at the nexus of art and chess, celebrating the rich cultural heritage of the world’s most strategic game. As pioneers in the fusion of art and chess, our digital gallery showcases an exquisite selection of artistic and chess-themed pieces, meticulously curated for enthusiasts and collectors worldwide.

Our mission at EXPOCHESS is to spread the culture of chess through an artistic lens, highlighting its societal influence and encouraging engagement in cultural and social projects. Discover how chess transcends the board and becomes an artistic muse, featuring works ranging from paintings and sculptures to photography and digital art, all imbued with the thematic and aesthetic essence of chess.

Committed to cultural promotion, we orchestrate and partake in international events, virtual exhibitions, and contests that bring together artists and players. Immerse yourself in our online catalogue and experience the uniqueness of our collection. At EXPOCHESS, every piece is a masterful game, where creativity converges with intellect.